Friday, 26 October 2012

It's not me it's you

Why do we to it? Worry ourselves sick? Torture ourselves by thinking and obsessing over situations that may never happen? We let the what ifs and could haves rule our lives, destroy relationships and stop us being truely happy... So what if your ex has someone better looking or uglier now? So what if your boyfriend has only dated models till you? Why does that matter right here and now? What does that do to change today? Exes are so fur a reason and any partner you have that cheats is a lucky escape for you, you can't stop someone from cheating on you, if they're gonna do it they'll find a way so stop obsessing, if they're gonna do it they're not worth shit let alone you and just know that when you find out you should be greatful you found out now and not a few more years down the line, spend your life knowing that a day without them could be a day with someone who really deserves you. Don't waste your time it's too short xx

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